True Primitive Training

True Primitive Training

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Primitive training has been missing the science!

Neuro FunC movements together with functional exercises in a circuit training environment.

Today so called ‘primal’ or ‘primitive’ training programs have mostly jumped the gun a little. That is to saythat most of these programs claim to be training some deep ‘primal’, ‘primitive’ or ‘instinctual’ part deep with us. However, they usually talk about; crawling, sitting, rolling, walking, running, hopping, skipping and of course throwing. These are NOT PRIMITIVE, well crawling and rolling are but they never speak about why or especially HOW to properly crawl and/or roll. Truely ‘primitive’ and/or ‘instinctual’ movements are relatively limited to only a few very precise and detailed group of movements and most of these can be found in our Neuro FunC App or Neuro FunC Training series. Running, jumping, squatting etc are ‘advanced’ walking skills (which is a very highly developed movement skill  of many ‘instinctual’ or ‘primitive’ movements put together, however with Bi-lateral ability!


The reason for the big gap between these current so called ‘primitive’ training programs and Neuro FunC is easy… Neuroscience. Neuro FunC is based on the true entire neurological and biophysical development of the human embryo! Originating on research directly from the leading neuro-scientists; Dr. Svetlana Masgutova from Russia, Glenn Doman from the USA, Blaith/Godard from England. And with our proprietary system, the GHIMPR System, we have gone to the next level of integrating our instinctual movementand postural patterns or postural and dynamic neuro-sensory-motor programming.

Try it.. especially after a workout or training session…

I, Joshua Gillis, personally Guaranty You will LOVE it! ;o)

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