The Return of The Nightmare!

I want to wish Robert Helenius in his big match today against Deonte Wilder the WBO N.2 in the world!!

It was a bit more than 8 years ago I first meet Robert. It was not the best moment in his life. He had just moved back to his native island in the Baltic Sea to retire from boxing. He was not in the best of spirits. His shoulder and hand injuries would not heal. After more than two years of the best boxing and sports Doctors and PTs were not able to heal this mountain of a man.

As fate would have it, after only a few sessions Robert was starting to feel some really good sensations. And after three months he was looking for a new agent and getting back into the life that gives him a way to showcase his amazing Viking athletic abilities and off the charts full body strength!

Enjoy some fotos from those days in 2014-2016 when he was perfecting his instinctual posture with my R-Evolutionary postural movements. You will see him giving back as well. Robert has as big a heart as he does a punch!

Flo Robbe Flo!!!

Best of Luck,

Joshua Gillis

Robert Helenius

Deontay Wilder

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