Active Respiro

This is a compendium put together assuming nothing. It starts from scratch including basic anatomy/physiology, the mechanics, history of the use of breathe in sport and wellbeing. Active Respiro is our secret weapon for all sports persons, PTSD, and all forms of self discovery and evolution.

But where did all this start?

Well that is not so easy to say. I personally started breathing while in a ski academy in 1980. The USSA passed down their research and findings to the local coaches who used it with their athletes. This was really the infancy of breathing and performance in the west. The asians have known since time immemorable that breathing was key to ones physical performance.

But it was when i arrived in Bergamo. Italy while treating the local pro-am cyclists that I found the desperate need for knowledge of proper breathing. I completely immersed myself into the realm of breathing in all types of sport. Part of this study was the relationship between endurance and power. But also our breath’s ability to create mental clarity and use this mental clarity to create a positive “emotional” perspective to than initiate an antioxidant hormonal response to fight the cellulare waste products and lactic acid.

Together with some of Europes best cyclists we came up with two different needs an athlete has for breathing. On one hand there was the need to recover after training and the other while performing their sport. In this pdf we take up specifically cyclists “in saddle” breathing techniques and the general recovery breathing techniques applicable to any sport.

Hope you enjoy it!!!

Best Regards,

Joshua Gillis

Download our active breathing compendium that will add something to any athletes game by clicking this link:



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